I’m going to the hospital on Wednesday…

… to drop off a couple of photos for a Portraits show at Petaluma Memorial Hospital. I entered on the next to last day, thanks to the SF Etsy list sending out the call for artists even though it was near the end, and two of the five images I submitted were accepted. They’re both Abney Park performance photos, one of Daniel and one of Finn von Claret. (No, these are not current photos. They’re from the 2009 Edwardian Ball.)


Stop SOPA and PIPA

This blog is on strike today (Wednesday, January 18, 2012) in support of Internet freedom.

For more info about this issue (and what you can do about it), see http://www.craigslist.org/about/SOPA

Thanks, Kathryn

P.S. If you see this message after that date, please e-mail me and remind me I forgot to re-open my blog!

Steampunk gear accessories, in time for the Edwardian Ball

I just posted my new prototypes on Etsy for custom hair accessories, tiaras, and hat decorations.

In response to the most common query about my gears, yes, I do have movable gears now!

SF Bay Area Locals are welcome to place custom orders online for local pickup. I’m at TechShop San Jose most days, and will be in San Francisco on Thursday, 1/19/2012 as well as Friday and Saturday before the events. I may (cross our fingers) be attending the Alt.Dance event on 1/19/12 at DanzHaus, 1275 Connecticut St., SF.

Steampunk Images

Here’s an album of my steampunk photos submitted to the HSU Annual Portrait Show in 2009. How time flies!

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Gears on a tree! See it at TechShop SJ

Last night I showed my gear ornaments at TechShop SJ for First Friday, at their open house for all their Makers. You can see my entire inventory on the tree or strewn around it. On the left, you can see a red aluminum water bottle laser-engraved with kraken tentacles by Ilana of The Golden Gear. On the right, you can see a photo of a Segway replicated by a TechShop member. In the middle, you can see way too much bling on one tree!

A small Christmas tree covered with steampunk gear ornaments

Steampunk Ornaments at TechShop SJ

After TechShop quieted down, I dashed around the few galleries that stay open past 9:00. It was good to catch up with my art friends! I got back to TechShop just in time to pack everything but the tree but wasn’t ready to call it a night: work awaits. So I went to my late-night coworking space, aka Denny’s, to make some new stock for Bazaar Bizarre and catch up on packing orders.

Preview of new gear designs

I have some new gear designs, some of which I’ll be doing in multiple sizes. They’re not painted yet. The snowflake gear got compliments at TechShop…

It’s already a week after I made the ornaments in the third photo at Two Buck Tuesday. How time flies!

Ainsley House decorations

Here is a photo of the completed tree at the Ainsley House and a few closeups.

Photo of Christmas tree with Steampunk decorations

Steampunk Christmas Tree at the Ainsley House in Campbell, CA

Closeup of Christmas tree ornaments, a gear cluster, a paper airship cutout, and an ordinary glass ball.

Closeup of laser-cut ornaments

Closeup of cardboard gear assemblage on a wall sconce with greenery

Closeup of Steampunk gear ornament on a wall sconce

Photo of whole wall sconce with greenery and cardboard gears

Full-length photo of wall sconce with greenery and gears

Steampunk Holiday Ornaments, or I CAN HAZ LASER CUTTER

The Ainsley House Museum in Campbell, CA decided to do something different for their holiday decorations this year: Steampunk! And to make a long story short, the Geek Club and the Steam-Federation had two weeks to plan and execute this ambitious project. Besides recruiting the local Steampunk community to lend artifacts and costumes, we needed to make lots of ornaments that would look good from arm’s length quickly and cheaply.

One of our ideas took advantage of my laser cutter class and TechShop membership: gears drawn in Adobe Illustrator and cut from discarded IKEA boxes on the laser cutter. Since I designed five different gears and had four shades of metallic paint, it was easy to create unique assemblages with different layouts of varying sizes of gears, sprockets, and an elegant escapement.

The first batch decorated the Christmas tree, sconces, and other areas of the suite. The second batch I brought to Two Buck Tuesday at Kaleid Gallery and assembled an ornate star tree topper, a simpler topper, and a prototype simple ornament for my Etsy shop (also called SplendidColors). After assembling ornaments from the rest, I joined them into a gear-train-like garland with copper wire.

Photo of ornament made from cardboard gears hanging from a wall candle sconce with greenery

I also photographed the gears for my Etsy shop. However, I still need to work out some technical glitches with the laser cutter. It turns out that, thanks to the inverse-square law, the laser beam doesn’t cut as well the farther it gets from the plotter origin. I need to program the laser cutter so it uses different settings on different areas of the cardboard sheet so all the gears will be cut through cleanly.

Artists and crafters see many creative possibilities for these intricate yet lightweight and inexpensive faux gears.

Graphic Design Portfolio

Here’s my graphic design portfolio, all in one post!
The captions include the names of the art director and client.

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Tidepool nostalgia

Here are some photos from a few years ago in the tidepools of Northern California, Patrick’s Point State Park and Redwood National Park. I took these macro shots with a Nikon 5000P5400 in a soft underwater case.

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