Gears on a tree! See it at TechShop SJ

Last night I showed my gear ornaments at TechShop SJ for First Friday, at their open house for all their Makers. You can see my entire inventory on the tree or strewn around it. On the left, you can see a red aluminum water bottle laser-engraved with kraken tentacles by Ilana of The Golden Gear. On the right, you can see a photo of a Segway replicated by a TechShop member. In the middle, you can see way too much bling on one tree!

A small Christmas tree covered with steampunk gear ornaments

Steampunk Ornaments at TechShop SJ

After TechShop quieted down, I dashed around the few galleries that stay open past 9:00. It was good to catch up with my art friends! I got back to TechShop just in time to pack everything but the tree but wasn’t ready to call it a night: work awaits. So I went to my late-night coworking space, aka Denny’s, to make some new stock for Bazaar Bizarre and catch up on packing orders.


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