Steampunk Constructions

I’ve completely neglected to showcase two of my non-photographic artworks: a shadow box inspired by Jill Tracy‘s song “The Fine Art of Poisoning,” and a wreath of laser-cut cardboard gears.

This shadow box includes my photograph of the elegant Ms. Tracy, laser-etched in black acrylic and accented with silver paint, as well as one of her band stickers, real vintage silk Chantilly lace, a toy skeleton, a vintage laboratory bottle with laser-etched Poison markings, sakura blossoms, LED votive candles, and blood-red crystal beads. I designed the box myself, and laser-cut it from MDF. It’s painted with “hammertone” paint for a Gothic/industrial effect. This is really more Goth than Steampunk, created for the Edwardian Ball art exhibits. It wasn’t ready for the 2012 Edwardian Ball, but it had a place of honor this year, as did the wreath. Both have also been accepted to the Museum of Curiosities art show at the Nova Albion Steampunk Exhibition.

Jill Tracy Box

The gear wreath is the third I’ve made; the others were commissioned via Etsy and decorate steampunk households on the East Coast and in Australia. I built this one for a promotional video on Etsy last November.



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