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Two snowflake gears made of cardboard

Preview of new gear designs

Closeup of Christmas tree ornaments, a gear cluster, a paper airship cutout, and an ordinary glass ball.

Ainsley House decorations

Photo of ornament made from cardboard gears hanging from a wall candle sconce with greenery

Steampunk Holiday Ornaments, or I CAN HAZ LASER CUTTER

Graphic Design Portfolio, Kathryn Hedges

Graphic Design Portfolio

Logo for the Second Annual West Coast Disability Pride Parade and Festival

Non-profit graphics

BioCurious logo with tagline "experiment with friends" and the cat mascot

Final BioCurious logo!

Draft logo for BioCurious with the tagline "experiment with friends" and a cat mascot.

Experiment with friends!

Bio+Tech, DIY lab equipment, and PowerPoint

Comparison of original and redrawn versions of figure from Paris et al. 2001.

Before and after

Public service poster showing that natural remedies may be unsafe

Pictures with words