Non-profit graphics

I’m doing a graphics internship at the Silicon Valley Independent Living Center. Unlike many internships, I’m not just filing or doing data entry; after a few smaller projects, Jody had me design the graphics for this year’s Disability Pride Parade and Festival.

Edited to add: Unfortunately, we have trademark issues for one of the elements we used in the collage, so I need to take the image down. We changed it to use an open access element that I like better anyhow.

Logo is composite of logos: blue wheeling-yourself disability icon centered on a rainbow peace symbol, with logos for other civil rights movements around the outer ring: Chicano (UFW), Native American Movement, Women's Rights, Gay Pride flag, Black Pride, Recycling. Text reads "Building a CommUNITY of Social Justice."

Logo for 2nd Annual West Coast Disability Pride Parade & Festival

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