Experiment with friends!

I believe I mentioned BioCurious before, shameless name-dropper that I am. (Hmm. Maybe this should be the gossip/society column for the scientific community?) They’re doing pretty well for themselves, having exceeded their Kickstarter funding target and gotten a sweet writeup in the biggest newspaper in Silicon Valley, the San Jose Mercury News. And since they promised T-shirts for donors, Eri needs someone to do the artwork, with a snappy new logo. I just happened to be at the previous meeting where she asked for referrals to graphic designers, and jumped on the opportunity.

biocurious: experiment with friends[/caption]

We’re going through a lot of revisions back and forth. The next major change is to design a cute cat mascot… Bastet is elegant but we need something more cuddly. The goal is to associate biology with something friendly instead of with mad scientists. (Krosp is probably not the right spokescat.)

If you’re wondering what that interesting fill texture is on the letters–it’s adapted from one of my research images.

[Edited to substitute more current draft logo.]


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